training business lisa hughes

Eps 45 – Developing her coaching and mindfulness brand with Lisa Hughes

Before you ‘jump’ into starting your training business, it’s important to consider the reasons why you want to make this bold and ambitious move. Lisa tells us how she has leveraged her past experience to build her business. The key point is to ‘step-off’ on your time and to your agenda, not to ‘jump off’ or to be pushed out on the basis of some one else’s agenda. Here’s how to do that!

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Training Bueinsss Tim Robbins

Eps 44 – Master NLP Practitioner in the UK with Tim Robins

What is NLP and how can the skillset help you in your coaching and training business? More importantly, how can you ensure it can make you money? NLP is arguably a powerful skillset to have in your arsenal of competencies as a trainer. Tim Robins – today’s guest – qualified in NLP and has found great success in using it to help himself. clients and friends over the years.

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half year review training business

Eps 43 – Let’s get 2019 back on track

You set goals at the beginning of the year, right? Before Jan 31, you made new year’s resolutions. How did you do? Maybe you are on a well-deserved break as you read this or listen to the episode or maybe you are still working. Now is a good time to review your progress in light of the goals (committments) you made to yourself.

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