Episode 8: Karen Winfield – Australia

In this week’s episode, we’re talking to Karen Winfield, who together with Paul Findlay manages Professional Development Training Pty Limited (PD Training), a 25-person training organisation headquartered in Brisbane, Australia. Karen was very kind to give us her time this morning to tell us how she came to be involved in training and what has made her training business a success.

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Episode 4: Andy Lopata – UK

In today’s show, we talk to Andy Lopata, who has been described as the ‘King of Networking’. Andy has written three books and his third book, ‘Recommended’ is the subject of this episode. Can you benefit from learning how to leverage the ‘referred trust’ of your network and their connections? Andy will explain how you can make referrals work for you

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Episode 3: Bart Brammer – USA

In this week’s episode, you get to meet Bart Brammer, a long-time technology trainer from Tennessee USA. As Bart explains, he works 100% as a freelance Associate Trainer. Rather than pursue his own direct clients, he prefers to work with training providers who in turn hire him to to train their clients. Lots of experience and honest views in this episode!

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Episode 2: Pete Starr – UK

In today’s podcast episode, Pete Starr talks to us about the path which lead him to become a successful freelance trainer. As we will learn, Pete’s journey was anything but direct. Pete looks back on a pivotal moment when he had to make a pivotal decision about the direction to go in. His kids were small, he had no money in the bank, he had just purchased a new house and his wife was not working at the time. 

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